Change needed on county board


The people of Delta County need to pay attention to the administration of their county government. There are a number of recent issues which are of concern but I will only mention a few.

The county board has approved a request from the administrator to raise the salary of the supervisor of maintenance by $14,000. He did not request this raise and does not want this raise with fellow employees laid off.

The county board has also approved the duplication of 4-H services calling it Delta Ag. The present 4-H services have been well received by county residents for many years. At budget time the circuit courtroom was filled with supporters of the present programs from MSU Extension. We ask for your continued support of these services.

Only one county board member has raised opposition to a number of recent board actions. This is an election year for the county board and people who have an interest in being elected to the board need to come forward. Petitions must be filed by May. One can be obtained form the county clerk.

The people of Delta County need you.

Les Ruohomaki, Escanaba

County Commissioner – Retired

Gladstone Mayor – Retired