Thank you Senator Casperson


This letter is in response to a letter written by Catherine Parker printed in the Daily Press on Feb. 7, 2014, titled Restore our right to vote on wildlife management issues.

First of all Catherine lists just a few of the hundreds of sporting organizations in the State of Michigan that support sound science in managing wildlife let alone the majority vote of the residents of the State of Michigan in 1996! Then she attacks Sen. Tom Casperson for what she states as misleading the public on what she is calling a wolf issue?

The real truth here Catherine is every resident in the State of Michigan should thank Sen. Tom Casperson for bringing the real truth concerning this back door attack on Michigan’s wildlife management to their attention. The misleading people are you and your so called animal protection group (Keep Michigan Wolves Protected) supported by The Humane Society of The United States (HSUS) based in Washington D.C. HSUS has donated over $800,000 to your misleading wolf issue in Michigan but the real truth is they are trying to stop all hunting, fishing and trapping across the United States. HSUS has paid $5 to $6 per signature in the larger down state cities to reach the needed 160,000 signatures to be placed on the 2014 ballot misleading the general public.

In 1996 I saw how your people get those signatures. One of the signature collectors came up to my wife and myself in Saginaw at a mall and asked if we would sign the petition. She showed us a picture of two small cub bears as she stated “do you know that hunters are killing these cub bears in the State of Michigan.” My wife looked at her and stated “do you know it is against the law to shoot cub bears in the State of Michigan.” The woman was almost on a dead run to get away from us!

Now HSUS is suing the State of Michigan to allow out of state circulators which at this time is not legal. This tells me that you are not finding the necessary Michigan residents to spread your misleading information to their fellow residents in Michigan. Your misleading ways and your Bambi movies will not provide the State of Michigan with the proper wildlife management. We must leave that to the biologists and other professionals. The sporting organizations and the sporting public in Michigan and the entire United States for that matter have done more to protect and manage our wildlife for our future generations then all the so called animal protection groups combined.

There is room for the wolf in Michigan but like everything else in this world they must be managed to the best of our ability to make sure they are around for future generations which will take sound science management not another Bambi movie. Thanks again to Senator Casperson and all those who speak the real truth!”

Alan Ettenhofer

U.P. Whitetails Association