Community reputation must be taken seriously


As a member of the Delta County Commission and a proud citizen of this community I felt compelled to try and shed some light on the current situation facing the county.

Community reputation is something that we must all take very seriously, in doing so we should realize that we are as a community collectively a part of something far bigger than we are as individuals.

In recent days some of the public has no doubt heard of a civil rights claim that has been brought forth by a county employee against other county employees.

Based on the timing of this complaint members of one of our local unions have stated to me that they feel this complaint is an effort by management to punish them for speaking out on contentious issues at board meetings. While I do not support the timing in which management has brought this complaint forward I do recognize that failure to move on such a complaint would most likely involve federal intervention as a result, that is something I personally find distasteful.

I have met with the local courthouse union leadership on two separate occasions to hear their concerns related to issues they felt important.

I have then taken these concerns to county administration in an attempt find a mid ground and to see if there was the possibility of a communications breakdown. Administration has always answered my questions and provided information that I have requested relating to these issues.

I wish to openly state to this community that I have never heard members of AFSCME 2755 or any other union employee speak of another county employee either union or management, in such a way that would indicate slanderous intent. What I have heard is frustration on both sides of issues. Because there is an investigation into this complaint I am unable to indicate individual names as they relate to this matter. But I can say that I am confident that I have never witnessed actions by county employees that would necessitate a civil rights investigation. To that matter I respect our department heads and feel that they should be allowed to hire the individuals that they feel would be the best match for their departments.

We are all a part of a community and as neighbors we must look after each other whenever possible. Nationally our country is polarized to a degree not seen since the Civil War. At a local level I would hope our county board can set our community on a path of peace and healing, not confrontation and derision.

David J. Moyle

Delta County commissioner