We must pay the bills or go broke


President Barack Obama, The USA, now becoming “G.A.L.S. for short, Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow and Representative Dan Benishek

Subjects: Many, from an unhappy and disenchanted American citizen as to the decision making, or lack thereof, to solve our many problems in my country!!! National Debt of 16 plus Trillion.

Dear Mr. President and Members of Congress:

If the USA doesn’t begin now, or soon, to solve its financial problems, I fear that the USA will go broke and look like Greece, and other European countries. Reducing spending is just one method, but look at all of the complaints over the 85 billion dollar sequestration, which I believed to be fairly equitable to begin our debt reduction. Taxes must be increased. Somebody with the money must pay the bills or we’ll go broke.

I am tired of listening to “pot smoking” economists and politicians who say “spend your money and “grow the economy” because approximately 60 percent of economy is based upon consumer spending. Of course, when one retires with little savings, they then tell you that “you should have saved your money.” I call this talking out of both sides of one’s mouth. The USA can’t have it both. So, which way will it be: increased Social Security?

In my mind, voiding “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in the military was strictly an irrational and unlogical decision by you Mr. President. If homosexuality and lesbianism were normal, the Earth’s population would soon have diminished to “0”, contrary to “God’s word of go and replenish the Earth.” Right? We can’t allow the tail to wag the dog in the USA. One’s sexual preference is nobody else’s business, I believe.

We “English” speaking and writing citizens must really be angry over the fact that Congress doesn’t have enough backbone to legislate by law that “English” is the official language of the USA. Here again, the tail is wagging the dog. Look at products that we English speaking people purchase with instructions, etc., printed in both English and Spanish. Don’t tell me that this is not stupid and unjustified when we, the greater majority of the 320 million Americans, are English speaking people.

On the question of illegal immigrants living in my country, who have been “winked” at for purposes of cheap labor for American businesses, I am 100 percent against amnesty to grant 11 or 12 million citizenship, or even a legal status, without first securing our southern border to stop 100 percent of the flow of more illegals, which was not accomplished in the Amnesty Bill of ’86.

The USA must stop now handing out “foreign aid” to buy our friends as this is illogical with our national debt, no, I’ll call it what I believe it to be: absurd, illogical and stupid. Egypt is one that we have been buying to the tune of $1.5 billion a year since 1979. Let’s return all of our military or go to a world government with world wide military force.

P.S. GALS stands for Greed, Arrogance, Lust and Stupidity

Robert E. Gifford

Rapid River