Use a local architect


I read with interest the article concerning the new plans for the farmers market in Escanaba. I think the improvements would benefit our community. I find it interesting that the DDA in the business of developing the downtown area of Escanaba, supported by the tax dollars of the businesses and citizens of Escanaba find it in the best interest of Escanaba to hire an architect from Marquette? Doesn’t it make sense for an organization in the business of developing a specific area in a specific city to give their business to those businesses in that specific city? In this case Escanaba. Aren’t there any architects in Escanaba competent to draw up plans for a pavilion?

I shudder to think which businesses will be hired to build this new pavilion. Like the many businesses who have recently put up new buildings in the Escanaba city limits will they hire work from downstate or Wisconsin?

Ed Legault do what you were hired to do promote your own city.

Corine Cummings