How do we stop the ‘Obama Machine’


How do we stop the “Obama Machine.” On Feb. 1, there was a headline in the Daily Press, that stated “Keystone XL oil pipeline clears hurdle.” This is the fifth commission appointed by Obama that has given him the report that there is “no” potential danger to the environment that will be caused by completing the pipeline. He says he will look at the report this summer. Why wait until summer? Is he so busy doing his PR messaging about Obamacare that he can’t take the time to read it? I think he believes that ignoring it will just make it go away and he will not have to make any decision on the final outcome. Just wait and Canada will just go somewhere else with the oil.

Speaking of Obamacare, the Congressional Budge Office just came out with report that the Affordable Care Act will cause there to be a loss of 2.5 millions jobs by 2017. Just what we need! More jobs lost by design of Obama. Please remember that his bill was not passed bipartisan. This bill was passed behind closed doors with Harry Reid in control of the Senate and Nancy Pelosi in control of the House. Remember the famous statement of Pelosi, “We have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.” Well, now we are finding out what is in it.

He says our unemployment rate is 6.6 percent. That does not include all the people who have given up on getting a job, and they are just not counted. That is Obama math at its finest.

The IRS employees are getting a big bonus paid by our tax dollars. I guess is a reward for helping to get him elected in 2012. By targeting the Tea Party and other conservative organizations, they probably made and appreciable difference in the final count. On his interview with Bill O’Reilly during the Super Bowl, he stated that there was not “smidgen” of corruption with the IRS. How can he say that when there is an ongoing investigation into the allegations of targeting the Tea Party or any organization that had “Patriotic” in there name? Mrs. Lerner pled the 5th Amendment instead of answering the questions asked of her. Then she resigned with full retirement and a bonus. If there was no scandal, why did she plead the 5th?”

Rosemarie Hall