Give discounts to veterans


Last week a number of businesses stated in their ads that they honored veterans. It seems that their “honors” are merely lip service. How many of them offer discounts to veterans? I know one of them does on a certain day of the week. My favorite restaurant has a parking space reserved for veterans. I don’t know if they have a veteran’s discount. My watering hole gives a veteran’s discount every day except Sunday when they aren’t open.

These “honors” are expressed every Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day also.

If you own a business and offer a veteran’s discount, advertise it. We will try your product or service and return if we are satisfied. There are a lot of us in the area. You could increase your business.

Congressman Benishek appointed a committee a couple of months ago to address veteran’s issues. I guess they lost the address. I haven’t heard any more about it. I did notice there wasn’t anybody from Delta County on that committee.

The Daily Press would be doing veterans a great service if they reported news from the VA. The Iron Mountain Daily News does.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the VA offers dental insurance at a reduced rate, and free eyeglasses for veterans who have certain eye problems. I learned about these by accident. No committee helped.”

Ray Maki