School bond proposal rejected by voters

HARRIS – Voters in Bark River and Harris townships rejected a bond proposal at the polls Tuesday for an expansion project at Bark River-Harris School.

The proposal, which asked to borrow up to $3.58 million to construct a new cafeteria/kitchen, early education academic wing for pre-school through second-grade students, and site-work improvements to the school parking lot and playground, was overwhelmingly defeated, 577 votes to 125. Voter turnout was 28 percent.

“It’s disappointing. We have a lot of really good things. We have a great staff and we have a supportive community. It just didn’t go through for us this time,” said Jason Lockwood, superintendent of the Bark River-Harris School District.

The primary reason for the expansion request was due to growth in student enrollment in the district, which brought forth the need for more space.

“We will regroup, re-evaluate, and come up with a plan B. This is a speed bump. We still have needs and we still have goals and this is not an end all,” said Lockwood.