Who says history is boring? Manistique students think otherwise

MANISTIQUE – The middle school students at St. Francis de Sales School in Manistique recently participated in the school’s first annual history fair. The contest is in correlation with Michigan History Day and the National History Day.

An excerpt from the MHD website about the event reads:

“Michigan History Day (part of National History Day) is a fascinating opportunity for students to move social science beyond rote learning. It is an educational competition (similar in organization to a science fair) designed to encourage students in grades 4-12 to explore historical subjects related to a broad annual theme. Students choose topics in state, national, or world history that personally interest them and perform research using primary and secondary sources on their topic. Entries are presented through the allied disciplines of art, literature, music, drama, visual communications, and writing.”

The three winners from the school competition will attend the District 11 competition in Marquette at Northern Michigan University in March. The winners and runners up are: first place, Katelyn Arnold; second place, Rylie Lawrence and Logan Trusty; third place, Carson Lagina and Caleb Hubble; first runners-up, Alex Lakosky and McKenna Chartier; and second runners-up, Jerry Jack, Patrick McNamara, and Joey Moeggenborg.