Numbers tell good news at Delta Animal Shelter


I am a member of the Delta Animal Shelter. We are a local non-profit, not affiliated with any national organization. All donations stay local and help the local animals in need. I would like to share some good news with the residents of our county about how the shelter is doing.

Here are some good news numbers for 2013:

1,081 animals were taken in, 848 of these were adopted, 232 animals that were lost were returned to their families, one dog was transfered and then adopted.

Think about it. In a few short years a group of men and women in this community stepped up and took over an animal control pound and made it a successful adoption center that rivals any in the entire U.S.

Thanks to the overwhelming gift the Besse Foundation made, coupled with an opportunity to receive another very generous matching gift from them will help us get closer to realizing our goal of a new shelter. What a beautiful way to honor Melissa and John Besse. Thank you Besse Foundation.

There’s so much to do for the shelter yet. We have a long way to go before our dream of a new shelter is realized but with continued support of you and the area businesses, we will be able to continue this work.

Thanks to the many volunteers who do the day-to-day care giving and to those businesses that have supported us. We are continuing the fund raising and the care giving and ask for your support. How?

1. Get your pet spayed or neutered, that way we won’t be inundated with so many kittens and puppies.

2. Volunteer at the shelter or if that isn’t possible, support our fundraisers.

3. Check out our wish list of needed supplies for the day-to-day operations.

4. Give monetary support, every donation is carefully used to get maximum benefit to the shelter.

5. Stop in at our events and see the animals that can be adopted.

Remember the words of Gandhi “The greatness of a nation is determined by how it treats its animals.”

Christine Derouin