Responders to accident deserve praise


As Garden Township supervisor I would like to thank all the volunteers and personnel who responded to the multi-vehicle accident at Garden Corners. Small rural communities depend on volunteer response. When you dial 911 you have a reasonable expectation that someone will respond. Few people realize that these people drop everything to assist those in need. They interrupt their personal lives, their work lives and all activities to provide a needed emergency response.

On Feb. 21, 13 cars and four semis piled up during white out conditions. The emergency response from our volunteers was exceptional.

Under these extreme conditions these people went in and did what they were trained to do. They provided medical care to the injured, they provided traffic control and they helped those uninjured to find shelter from the elements. It was a long day in extreme conditions for these folks.

I would especially like to thank Tri-Star EMS, Rampart EMS, Inwood township EMS and Manistique EMS for the care they provided the injured. I would also like to thank Garden Fire, Nahma Fire, Inwood fire and Thompson Fire along with all the police and wrecker drivers. Our small rural communities depend on these dedicated volunteers, willing to give up their personal time to help others.

If you would like to join this elite group of people, call your local EMS or fire department.

Raymond Young