Upper Peninsula War Memorial in Iron Mountain


We do have a beautiful Upper Peninsula War Memorial and Park located at the top of Pine Mountain, but we also have the following concern.

If you were wondering why there is no American Flag flying on top of the hill at the memorial, I will try to explain.

The flag that is flown from Memorial Day to Veterans Day is a 20 foot by 30 foot flag and is rather expensive. Replacing the flag is the biggest expense that the corporation has in maintaining the memorial at the top of Pine Mountain. The weather and wind really are hard on a flag at that location, and winter weather is even worse because of the flag getting wet and freezes. That is why there is no flag flying from November through May, although there is an American Flag and a POW MIA flag on the front of the pavilion in the park so it is not like we do not have any flag being displayed.

We do hope people will understand how hard it is to keep a flag flying on top of that hill with the weather that we have. The expense of replacing these flags costs approximately $4,800 per year for purchasing and repairs of the flags, and for the electric bill for nighttime flying of the flag. Squadron 50 War Memorial Corporation is asking if there are any organizations, clubs, businesses or individuals in the Upper Peninsula that might be interested in sponsoring a flag or making a monetary donation to help us keep money in the account for replacing the flag.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a flag or making a donation you can contact Robert Massicotte at (906) 221-9964 or just send any donations marked Flag Chairman to: Squadron 50 War Memorial Corp., 916 River Avenue, Iron Mountain, MI 49801.

Frank Rodman