Impact of the pipeline on the Great Lakes


I want to commend the Daily Press for printing the excellent March 4, 2014, article titled “Great Lakes oil pipeline raises fear of spills.” Thanks to groups like the National Wildlife Federation and this issue captured the attention of those of us concerned about such environmental issues when news of the rally that took place at the Straits of Mackinac last summer arrived in our email boxes and on the Internet. Now, thanks to this newspaper the public has accurate information concerning this potentially hazardous situation.

Perhaps your readers would be interested to know that a local individual, Gerry Niedermaier, Gladstone, Mich., recently wrote and posted a petition on concerning this exact issue. As a result, Mr. Niedermaier is currently gaining national recognition. As of this date his petition has received nearly 8,000 signatures that have come from signers in all 50 states plus signers from other countries. His petition is now capturing the attention of state legislators and officials in the U.S. Congress. The impact this pipeline has on our precious Great Lakes cannot be overstated.”

Nancy Winneroski