‘A Night At the Movies’ — Skating Club presents annual ice show

ESCANABA – “A Night At the Movies” is the theme for the 2014 Figure Skating Show presented by the Escanaba Area Figure Skating Club. The event will be held at the Wells Sports Complex on Saturday and Sunday, March 15 and 16 with performances at 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday.

Tickets are $8 and are available from any Figure Skating Club member. A limited number will be available at the door for $10. Children under 5 are free of charge.

Guest skater will be Mikenzie Frost, daughter of Deanna Frost of Dearborn. Mikenzie graduated from Edsel Ford High School in 2011 and is currently a junior at Northern Michigan University where she is studying multimedia with minors in journalism, criminal justice and art and design. She works as a resident advisor at NMU.

The skater is a member of Team USA and was the Nation’s Cup Silver Medalist during a competition held in Logrono, Spain, in 2013. She is founder and president of the Northern Michigan Figure Skating Club, Midwest Sectional competitor and two-time Junior National competitor.

Featured club performer are as follows:

ALL SKATER – “Chicago: All That Jazz and Roxie” – Club members.

LEARN?TO?SKATE? (LTS) GROUP 1 – “Shrek: Funky Town” – Kaylee Berube, Bree Burroughs, Hannah Claycomb, Kamryn LaVigne and Stormy Vermote.

DUET – “Pink Panther” theme song – Allison Adamini and Kassidy Wigand.

CLUB AGE GROUP 9-12 – “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds: Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” – Rebecca Piron, Rhiley Hubert, Ericka Carne, Emmie Barron, Alyssa Johnson, Maria Backlund, Rebecca Clark, Megan Flath, Hallie Hardwick, Emily Hossele, Elizabeth Lektzian, Kelsey Konkel, Tierra Flower, Anna Shier and Abigail Shier.

SOLO – “Pearl Harbor: Tennessee and War” – Taylor Gauthier.

THEATER – “Smurfs: Medley of Songs” – Carsyn Brunette, Jasmine Clark, Baylie LaVigne, Karly VanDrese, and Paige Wirhanowicz.

CLUB AGE GROUP K-4TH – “Lion King: Just Can’t Wait To Be King” – Vanessa LaPalm, Allison Adamini, Haylee Sarasin, Karly Wigand, Allison Korpi, Paige Labre and Annabelle Neimeire.

SOLO – “Host: Radioactive” – Rhiley Hubert.

CLUB SMALL GROUP 1 – “Alice In Wonderland: Alice” – Jasmine Clark, Allison Jensen, Megan Flath, Carissa Kuchenberg, Hallie Hardwick and Emily Hossele.

GUEST SKATER – “Rent: Medley of Songs” – Mikenzie Frost.

LTS GROUP 3 – “Tarzan: Two Worlds” – Piper Berg, Halleigh Boyce, Abigail Brunner, Rylee Gerow, Courtney Johnson, Ballie LaVigne, Maddie Mai, Olivia Mai, Aliyah Mylander, Annabel Neumeier, Grace Sviland, Anna Valiquette, Sherry Vandeville, Sophie Wagner and Paige Wirhanowicz. Feature – Janel LaPalm, “Tarzan: You’ll Be In My Heart.”

LTS GROUP 4 – “Star Wars” theme song” – Carsyn Brunette, Jasmine Clark, Morgan Gerow, Allison Korpi, Morgan Moberg, Haylee Sarasin, Meagan Sarasin, Karly VanDrese, Enya Dahn, Jenny Zhao and Suki Zhao.

HOCKEY – “Rocky” theme song.

CLUB AGE GROUP 5-6 – “Perfect Pitch: Bella’s Finals” – Jasmine Clark, Allison Jensen, Caryson Brunette, Enya Dahn, Morgan Gerow, Aurora Bernson, Dakota Cloutier, Megan Sarasin, Maddie Mai and Olivia Mai. Feature – Alyssa Johnson, “Just the Way You Are, Money Money, Starship.”

SOLO – “Rock of Ages: Don’t Stop Believin'” – Rebecca Piron.

CLUB AGE GROUP 7-8 – “Phantom of the Opera” theme song – Taylor Gauthier, Janel LaPalm, Kassidy Wigand, Carissa Kuchenberg, Suki Zhao and Morgan Moberg.

SPOTS -Intro, “Footloose;” Maria Backlund, “Fame” theme song; Vanessa LaPalm, “Flash Dance – What a Feeling;” and Rebecca Clark, “Dirty Dancing, Time of My Life.”

CLUB SMALL GROUP 3 – “Teen Beach: Surf’s Up” – Paige Labre, Maddie Mai, Olivia Mai, Annabelle Neimeier, Carsyn Brunette, Enja Dahn, Aurora Bernson, Morgan Gerow, Karly Wigand and Allison Korpi.

SOLO – “Iron Man 3: Demons by Imagine Dragons” – Erika Carne.

CLUB SMALL GROUP 2 – “Mama Mia: Dancing Queens” – Dakota Cloutier, Elizabeth Luktzian, Suki Zhao, Tierra Flower, Anna Shier, Abigail Shier, Morgan Moberg and Kelsey Konkel. Feature – Emmie Barron, “MaMa Mia and S.O.S.”

LTS GROUP 2 – “Annie: It’s a Hard Knock Life and You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” – Katrina Chouinard, Hailee Rae Cloutier, Morgan Gartland, Margo Harris, Samantha Korpi, Tersa Doss, Grace Livingston, Autumn Peloza, Elena Prins and Tressa Larson.

ADVANCED GROUP – “Slum Dog: Jai Ho” – Taylor Gauthier, Rebecca Piron, Rhiley Hubert, Erica Carne, Emmie Barron, Janel LaPalm, Alyssa Johnson and Maria Backlund.

GUEST SKATER – “Titanic: My Heart Will Go On” – Mikenzie Frost.

FINALE – “Rio: Let Me Take You To Rio and Drop It Low.”