The law on pharmaceutical lawsuits


“I have been trying for well over a year and a half to have the law on pharmaceutical lawsuits changed. Do you know that Michigan is the only state in the union who has a law that says that we, as citizens of Michigan, cannot sue a pharmaceutical company for any reason? I have been directly affected by this law and I have been trying to get it changed for about the last two years. Here is my list of contacts, Tom Casperson (State Senator), Joe Bieda (State Senator), Ed McBroom (State Senator, he is in charge of putting a bill up to be voted on), Dan Benishek (U.S. House of Representatives), and Rick Snyder (Governor of Michigan).

I have explained my situation to the staff of all of these men and they are very sympathetic to my problem, but they are just the staff and nothing gets done by the “person in charge.”

I have just got through talking with Sen. Richardsville’s office, again, and had a new “ear” to listen to my sad story. This person claims that there is not enough “noise” from the public at large to cause the bill to come to a vote.

I am asking for your help! I sincerely hope that no-one else has had the experience I have had or had similar repercussions with any other drug, but I am hoping you will read this and contact our representatives with the same message. “Change the pharmaceutical law.”

Rosemarie Hall