Benishek shouldn’t take credit for Preservation Act


“For Dan Benishek to say that he is responsible for preserving a natural wonder (Sleeping Bear Preservation Act) is akin to Al Gore saying that he invented the Internet. Both men were present at the end, but had nothing to do with its formation. Sleeping Bear Preservation Act was begun over 12 years ago by various Michigan environmental activists and legislators, and for Benishek, whose voting record on the environment is abysmal, to claim credit is disingenuous at best.

A look at Benishek’s environmental voting record will show that he voted to: increase mercury in our water, allow oil companies to self-regulate and self-report violations, expand oil and gas exploration (fracking) in environmentally sensitive areas, offer higher tax incentives to oil and coal companies while refusing to offer incentives to wind, solar, or geothermal industries, expand roads and pump stations on federal park land, alleviate industry from being sued for environmental catastrophes, allow more fertilizers to be washed into fresh water lakes and rivers, allow coal plants to obtain exceptions from air pollution standards.

Oh yeah, Benishek took over a quarter million dollars in “contributions” from the oil, gas, and coal industries. What a shocker!”

Gary S. Powell

Traverse City