Holy Name School introduces new Early Childhood Team concept

ESCANABA Holy Name Catholic School has established a new Early Childhood Team to help evaluate the development of the young students at the school as well as those who are preparing to enroll in the future.

Holy Name’s Early Childhood Team, which has a combined 37 years of teaching experience, held a recent screening of children by having them complete fun, age-appropriate activities. A certified speech therapist assessed the children’s speech development during the screening and hearing and vision testing was provided on-site as well. The assessments were intended to provide parents with information on where a youngster is at developmentally.

One of the teachers performing the screenings, Holy Name Catholic School kindergarten teacher Marlene McNamee, explained the new Early Childhood Team concept: “Holy Name’s unique Early Childhood Team includes preschool, readiness kindergarten and kindergarten teachers who consistently work together to help build strong success for a child to succeed at Holy Name School. This team concept is unique in that the students stay with the same group of teachers in the same building from preschool all through kindergarten. This benefits the children by giving them a consistent, high quality environment in which to learn.”

For more information about Holy Name or the Early Childhood Team, call the school office at 786-7550, visit the school at 409 South 22nd St., or e-mail office@