Questions about the new farmer’s market


I have a few questions.

$532,000 sound like a lot of money. Sure, the biggest portion of it will be covered by government grants. Isn’t that the type of thinking that gets the federal government in trouble? It is still our tax money. Someone is paying for it.

How much does it cost to sell items in the farmer’s market now? I really don’t know if it is free or not. How much is it going to cost in the new building? Marquette has just raised their rates for their farmer’s market. Weddings, concerts, “community events”… really? Who is going to be in charge of all of this? Let’s say my band wants to have a concert there. I want to charge an entry fee. I want to sell refreshments. Concerts equal noise. Lots of people equal trash. Concerts equal alcohol. Permits. City Ordinances. Smoking? My daughter is getting married and we plan on having the wedding there. We get there on Saturday, the 2nd of June, and there is already another wedding there, along with the leftover trash from that morning’s farmer’s market. It could mess up a few plans.

I like the concept. It’s far too expensive and too extensive. If the city wants to go into business and build a multi-purpose building, fine. Let’s do that. If the city wants to upgrade the farmer’s market, then upgrade the farmer’s market. Leave it at that. We could do it a lot cheaper.”

Tom Grant