Remember When?

Delta Reporter photo

It started as a bank building in 1888 and was one of the first buildings to be constructed in Gladstone. Hotel Delta was the home of the Exchange Bank and the late William L. Marble said the Gladstone State Bank had its early beginning on the left side of the first floor. Augusta Hassell operated a hotel on the upper floor at its original location on the southeast corner of 6th and Delta. Webster L. Marble, founder of the Marble companies, stayed there when he first came to Gladstone to look over the territory. Later it was the John Bergman Meat Market and the vault was moved to the city hall office. Charles Nebel moved the building to 10th and Delta where it became the Delta Hotel and the Jean Hotel. It was operated as a hotel by E.G. “Cap” Fisher, Mrs. Blanchard, H.P. Raiche, and lastly, by Allan Reynolds who took it over in 1930 and sold the site to the government. It was later razed by William Gamache to make room for the new post office construction. A new car was being examined in this early 1900’s picture taken at 10th and Delta.