Bad budget choice


“Wait a minute! Wait! a minute! You mean to tell me (“Commission balances budget split vote”) that Gladstone City Commission balanced their budget by cutting over $51,000 to Public Safety for a new police officer, but keeps $48,000 to hire a special events coordinator? Really?

So you tell me – if you were a home buyer or a new business looking in Gladstone would you prefer safety all year, or a two hour parade? Would you want to save a burning building, or attend a Fall Harvest Bonfire? Yes, it’s that basic.

They may want something that generates dollars- how about calling all the real estate agents with homes for sale and have a city wide open house one Sunday each month this summer. Sell some houses. Generate some tax dollars.

City commissioners need to take another look at the priorities important to its citizens/voters before they consider a millage increase.”

Dorothy Beilik