Orlovsky returns as Lions fans groan

The Detroit Lions had some good vibes going this offseason.

They jettisoned a coach that wore out his welcome, and brought in a straight shooter in Jim Caldwell.

Caldwell then added Joe Lombardi, the grandson of the legendary Vince Lombardi to his staff. Soon after, Detroit went out and signed Golden Tate to a five year deal and added a fullback. For a team coming off a miserable season, the moves looked good.

Then Detroit went and flushed all that goodwill down the toilet by signing Dan Orlovsky to a one-year deal.

This should have been expected really. It’s the Detroit Lions after all.

I would venture there’s not a Detroit Lions fan out there that wanted to see Orlovsky in a Lions jersey ever again.

When you think of Orlovsky, two images comes to mind – the bewildered quarterback running out the back of the endzone for a safety against the Minnesota Vikings, and 0-16.

It just so happened that the Lions lost that game against Minnesota by two points, during a season in which the team did not win a game. So there you have it – Orlovsky is probably the player most responsible for the winless season.

I remember that play like it was yesterday. There wasn’t an opposing player within four feet of Orlovsky as he dropped back hilariously and sickingly far. When the safety was called, he had the look of a man who had no idea what had just happened.

He was actually quoted after that game, saying “When they started blowing the whistle, I was like, ‘Did we false start, or were they offsides or something?'” Orlovsky said. “And I looked, and I was just like, ‘You’re an idiot.'”

If circus music had blared out the speakers at Ford Field, it would have been fitting.

Somehow, Orlovsky eventually ended up at Indianapolis, where thanks to Peyton Manning’s season ending injury, he got the chance to be a starting quarterback again, under Jim Caldwell no less.

he Colts won two games with?Orlovsky at quarterback, but it was more despite his play than because of it.

I’d say with a little hope, Orlovsky won’t have to take a snap for Detroit this season, but do you really think the football gods are going to let the Lions get away with this?

I don’t have to ask why the Detroit Lions signed Orlovsky, because the answer is obviously – because they’re the Detroit Lions, the team that makes losing an art form.

But from an organizational standpoint, what could their thought process have possibly been?

After the 0-16 season, general manager Martin Mayhew went to work distancing the Lions from as many ties to that team as possible. The Lions even changed their logo. They eventually rebounded and made the playoffs a couple seasons ago. Mayhew was generally accepted as being competent.

Now years later, they want to bring back the face of that disaster? To what end? There were dozens of quarterbacks the Lions could have signed that wouldn’t have made them a national punchline.

I’m guessing it had to do with familiarity, which actually means, it had to do with laziness.

The Lions didn’t want to teach a new quarterback their offense, so they went with a guy who already knew it, which would be fine if the quarterback was someone, you know…good. All this does is create a PR nightmare, but hey, it’s attention, so I guess it fits the bill.

If familiarity is the Lions new MO, I suppose next year we’ll see Joey Harrington and Charles Rogers strutting the sidelines.Then we’ll get feel good stories about how Harrington plays piano and Rogers…um, give me a minute here.

New owner, new president, new GM, new coach…same old Lions.