Auto parts article


“After reading “A high demand for auto parts,” in Monday’s (March 31) paper, I agree with the article, but feel it doesn’t go far enough. I have to keep my 2002 vehicle going as I can’t afford the new or newsd/used car payments. If I could, I wouldn’t choose the newer (smaller) cars with lower mpg due to government emission restrictions and also because they are designed with so many blind spots.

A more recent article in the Press cited the increase in back up crashes and now new back up cameras will soon be required which will make new cars even more expensive. GM’s 1.5 million and then additional 2.6 million recalls make not buying their dangerous cars a no brainer.

Ethanol gas makes even our “beaters” more expensive to drive as it lowers mpg. (Not to mention the pain at the grocery store when you buy anything with corn in it.) To go further; a crippling winter (global warming, hah!) will probably cause gas prices to go up further to pay for the patches in the road that need to be repatched. Who will pay, the “declining population” or the unemployed, underemployed or those on a fixed income in this stagnant economy?”

Frank McKeeBalcerok