Local advocate there to help victims of crime

ESCANABA – Only 30 years ago, crime victims had virtually no rights or assistance. The criminal justice system often seemed indifferent to their needs. Victims were commonly excluded from courtrooms and denied the chance to speak at sentencing.

They had no access to victim compensation or services to help rebuild their lives.

National crime Victim’s Rights Week, held April 6 12, 2014, celebrates the dramatic progress that has been made in securing rights, protections and services for victims. Every prosecutor’s office in Michigan has a victim’s rights advocate who is dedicated to assisting and educating crime victims.

Delta County Prosecuting Attorney Steven Parks and his staff reaffirm their commitment helping victims by addressing their fears and concerns and keeping them informed. Legal proceedings can be stressful and intimidating, but understanding the legal process and being advised of case developments can help alleviate much of the stress and fear.

For further information about victim’s rights or services, please contact Karen Alvord, victim witness coordinator, Delta County Prosecutor’s Office 789-5115.