Learning about religion


They are out again…the signs. The sign says Catholics Returning Home. When you see them, some of you will have a predicted negative reaction. Your first thought goes something like this, “how could anyone return to the Catholic Church… after all, they are not even a Christian Church!

Where did you get that idea? Who first planted that seed in your mind?

If you would, take a moment and pinpoint the exact reason you left the Catholic Church. I left because I trusted a friend who “learned the Catholic Church taught error.”

Does that sound familiar? I didn’t lift one finger to check the differences to determine which church taught the truth. I would later learn there are actually 40,000 so-called Christian denominations, with all of them thinking they teach nothing but truth. Well, it stands to reason they all can’t be right. They may agree on many things, but in the end, someone is right and someone is wrong.

This is where all of you who read this article will quickly determine the church you attend teaches only truth… you just know it.

This is also where those of you who do not attend church will justify, in your mind, why you don’t.

Have you ever considered the claims of the Catholic Church? That is, the claims, compared to other denominations? Some of the things that bothered me before my return was: “When did other churches begin?” Who started them? Why did they start a new church? What denomination were they before they began a new one? Was it a difference of opinion at the previous church or did they believe God gave them a personal revelation to start a new church? Either way, it bothered me when I realized the Catholic Church’s claim is God Himself (Jesus Christ) started the Catholic Church.

When these thoughts began to “rattle my thinking”, my goal became “who’s right anyway?” I knew of two claims of the Catholic Church that were different from other churches. One claim is that you are born again at baptism Not every church teaches this. Secondly, the Catholic Church teaches Holy Communion is the actual body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ. While researching these claims, I found a quote by a Cardinal Newman, who happened to be a former Anglican minister. He said, “to be steeped in history is to cease to be Protestant.” This quote bothered me greatly. Who is right, it turns out, is a fair question!

My research, which took 3.5 years, led me back to the Catholic Church. I could write an entire book on all I have learned. I am not telling/asking you to leave your church. Rather, my hope is that if you have left the Catholic Church and the Holy Spirit has been stirring your heart to return, then Catholics Returning Home is for you.

Mike Cousineau