New Centennial Certificate added to Pioneer Certificate Program

ESCANABA – The Delta County Genealogical Society announces the addition of a Centennial Certificate to the Pioneer Certificate Program. Anyone having a family in the local area before Jan. 1, 1914, are eligible for this certificate.

The Pioneer Certificate Program was done previously during 1998-99.

Anyone can apply if they have a pioneer and centennial family in Delta County. Applications can be picked up at the Family History Center at 1315 9th Ave. South in Escanaba. An applicant can live anywhere and they do not have to live in Delta County. However, they do have to be a descendant from a Delta County pioneer.

An applicant who is confirmed a descendant from a Delta County Pioneer will receive a certificate. There is a fee for this application process of $10. The fee the Centennial certificate is $5 and for those who qualify for both the Centennial and Pioneer certificates, the fee is $15.

A story about the pioneer is encouraged along with the application.

For more information, contact Cheryl Savage at or Richard Reiffers at (906) 233-9261.

Completed applications can be mailed to: Delta County Genealogical Society; P.O. Box 442; Escanaba MI 49829, or to Richard Reiffers; 1600 S. 30th Street, Trir 211, Escanaba MI 49829.