Wind power in Schoolcraft County


I am writing in regard to the wind ordinance in Schoolcraft County. I have not signed a lease with Heritage, but I have heard that 28 landowners already have.

Some of these people have stated the setbacks are to restrictive at 3,960 feet, but Germany, which is the most technologically country for wind turbines, has a setback of 5,280 feet. Large pieces of broken turbine blades have flown over 1,640 feet from a 200-foot turbine, that’s over eight times the height of the turbine.

The turbines in Garden are over 400 feet tall and have a setback of only 1.1 times the height, but they want us to copy the Delta County zoning codes. Vestas safety manual requires their people to be 1,300 feet away from an operating turbine, that’s over three times the height. Would you want your family in an area where a manufacturer does not even want their workers?

Other questions that need answering include light flashes and shadows from the sun, clear and red flashing lights at night, high and low frequency sounds, health concerns of both human and animals, who pays for road damage, are landowners or the company responsible for tearing them down, clean up of site, or possible toxic waste spills, who is responsible for lower land values, and will taxes be lowered on those properties?

There are probably many more questions. Things are moving far too fast, therefore, I think a one year waiting period should be adopted to allow us time for expert advice and public discussion. I don’t think this is asking to much to protect our families and community.”

Pat Carley