The people of Delta County deserve better


When it comes to our internal affairs, the most powerful man is U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts.

His position with the Supreme Court’s decision on wealth in our election campaigns is that there is no proof of money corrupting the political process, so it must be.

That, of course, ignores the history of these contribution limits that came into existence because of rampant corruption within the system caused by large amounts of money.

Does anyone agree the wealthy today are more socially conscious and are without the self-interest of their predecessors?

With the Supreme Court ruling on money and elections, we have a choice – to sing a dirge in the funeral for the United States as a democracy or to shout loud and clear that we, the people, are going to take our democracy back.

We need to make use of all our votes to put representatives in the Senate and House who really represent the 99 percent of the not so wealthy citizens and get rid of the 1 percenters who fail to represent us there.

There is a saying that, “people deserve the leaders they get!” I think the good people of Delta County deserve better.

Constance Lorenson

Rapid River