No recycling citations


I saw my first ever citation on a recycling bin the other day. It was a big day-glow thing for all the world to see. “You put the wrong stuff in your recycling bin.” I didn’t pause long enough to see if there was a fine involved but I have heard the radio spots that said that could be the result.

Escanaba, if you are finding “The Wrong” thing in the recycling bins, instead of passing out a citation, how about providing a means and place to dispose of ‘the stuff’ you object to? Your driver pauses long enough to glue a bright orange sticker – how about having them radio in another truck to pick up “the offending material.”

Folks will simply stop using their recycling bins for fear they put the wrong thing in and get a citation for it. What’s next? A citation on their garbage bin because they tossed material in that could be recycled? I figure that’s coming.

Oh well, if you’re interested I have a little movie showing one of your drivers zooming in, grabbing a can, tossing it into the air above the truck, and zooming off while garbage from the can falls to the ground.

How about when that happens your driver “steps out” and picks it up? Better yet – how about sticking a bright orange citation on his truck for littering in the city?

Edward Stacey