Holy Name students perform musical

ESCANABA – Holy Name Catholic School students held their second performance of the musical comedy, “Once Upon A Shoe,” to a full crowd at the school on Friday evening, April 11.

The play, performed by Holy Name students in grades 5-8, centered around Mother Goose and her children finding out they must leave their home, a large comfortable shoe, and move to an old shoe “across the tracks.”

The children decided to “put on a show” to save their shoe and enacted eight of Mother Goose’s best poems.

Director Mark Ammel said his goal in directing the middle school play was to give the kids experience in acting on stage.

“I wanted to cast as many kids that wanted to be in the play as possible and give them a chance to get onstage and make an audience happy,” Ammel said. “We spent a lot of time learning about acting. I wanted to give them a base to get them ready for acting on stage in high school, and possibly, college.”

Accompanist for the production was John Ignatowski, and advisor was Jodi Mutch.

Now that the play is finished, Ammel said of his student actors, “I am very proud of what they accomplished.”