Speak up about farmers market plan


$720,000 now! Stop the madness! The space is way too small for all of these proposals (Ecanaba farmers market).

The DDA is supposed to have the best interests of the downtown in mind. This is the best interests of only a few, namely the developer. There are many other empty spots to have the farmers market that would be an upgrade. The new plans are for “garden plots”, parking stalls, landscaping,and demolition of existing structures? Have you seen the space they are talking about?

Whose idea was this new farmers market “upgrade”? The way I see it, it has little to do with a farmers market and a lot to do with the architect/developer who is going to make a lot of money on this deal. When something like this comes up, you need to follow the money. Who is going to benefit from this the most?

People of Escanaba, you need to speak up. People were actually told not to go to the DDA meeting regarding this subject unless they had “positive input.”

The space that is currently occupied by Northern Motors will be empty soon. This is in the heart of downtown. There is a big enough building for your multi-purpose building, there are enough open areas for your garden plots, there is plenty of room for a lot more than 28 vendor spaces and parking galore. No buildings have to be torn down at additional taxpayer expense. There is a ready-made upgrade to the farmers market. When the Northern Motors space becomes empty, can you imagine the eyesore that will leave? Right in the heart of downtown. But we will have a three-fourths of a million dollars building hidden off of Ludington Street.

Other alternatives. The fairgrounds. The space that was Riverside/Coyne’s Chevy. The old Menard’s building. Plenty of parking and lots of room at those places and ready-made multi-use buildings.

We all should have a voice in this. It is our tax money that they are planning to use.

Tom Grant