Wind turbines in Garden a mistake


Probably most if not everyone in Delta County knows that there are wind turbines doing there thing on the Garden Peninsula. The turbines have been here for several years now and are worth a visit for anyone who hasn’t seen one up close, at least once. There are 14 turbines along the highway north of the Village of Garden. Making it easy viewing for the visitor. If the reader does decide to give us a visit please note how close the turbines are to the homes along the way, and check out the number of “For Sale” signs in the area. I think there may be a connection.

Now it should be said that the distance from the turbines to the homes is in compliance with county zoning regulations, and that there has been at least one home sale along the highway since the turbines were erected.

On a visit, what is to be seen is known as “Phase 1” of the Garden Wind Farm. There is planned a “Phase 2” of the Garden Wind Farm, made up of 52 more turbines plus transmission lines and, I assume, at least one more electrical transfer station. “Phase 2” will be south of the village. So, at some time in the future the citizens of Garden Village will find themselves in the middle of an industrial scale electrical generating facility.

Having lived in Garden since before the turbines and now when they are here I have seen the clear effect on a once friendly community, the apparent effect on residential property values, and the well known but hard to document effect on birds and bats.

My clear conclusion from all this is that putting wind turbines on the Garden Peninsula was a mistake. And, that Delta County, by approving this wind farm, let down their citizens who happen to live in a quiet, under represented county backwater.”

Fred Bates