Shame on schools, legislators


A recent (Friday, April 11) editorial reported that Michigan is one of the worst five states for student learning progress and one of only six states moving from bad to worse. The editorial concludes with the hope the “study receives serious examination by those that have the power to better the educational system.”

Those that have the power are our local school superintendents, school boards, and state legislators.

The actions they need to take does not require further study. Competent education researchers with a professional and personal sense of plausibility know that reduced class size, increased hours and days of instruction, adequate resources, and well trained teachers result in successful schools. Instead our leadership studies “privatization for increase economies and efficiencies” or establishes ridiculous “days and hours of pupil instruction” rules where 30 minutes of recess, hall passing and six snow days count as instructional time.

Shame on them for not having the courage to do what is right for our children.”

Carl Arko