It’s never too late to recycle


When I was younger and lived with my parents and even after I lived alone in Marquette, we would recycle newspaper and magazines, glass and plastic whenever we could. We had a drop-off sight along with the typical curbside pickup.

Then I moved to Escanaba in 1999 and reside in the Woodland Trailer Court where we used to recycle but don’t anyone because the trailer court owner won’t pay for this service. So my sister and I who live separately in the trailer court take our recycling to a friend’s house where recycling is happening. We have done this for three or four years and feel this extra effort is worth preserving a brighter future for our children.

When recycling items they must be rinsed out thoroughly if plastic and covers off since they aren’t recyclable. To the best of my knowledge most things in Escanaba aren’t recyclable such as cereal boxes, glass jars and corrugated cardboard along with newspaper. I don’t understand why some towns don’t recycle these items and others do.

I know Bishop Noa Nursing Home where I work has 31 apartments, a housekeeping service, a dining room and a maintenance crew along with 150 employees and many nursing home patients, does not recycle along with the hospital and Christian Park Village and Center. I personally find this information very disturbing as do many others I’ve spoken with.

Stop thinking you can’t make a difference and take the time to preserve a brighter future for your children. After a winter like we just had you know we need to recycle, it’s never too late! Take the time and find out more about recycling if you don’t know.”

Nancy Lewis