What happened to all those plans for Escanaba?


“I have a few questions that I am sure nobody will answer, but here it goes;

A few years ago, the city of Escanaba was going to re-build Ludington Street. Thousands of dollars were spent on consultants, and engineers and plans were drawn up. “We” even x-rayed the street bed to see what was under the street that was going to be dug up. There were plans to have alley access to businesses, and then there were plans on pedestrian walkways, and flower pots, and hanging baskets and all manner of pretty things to make the downtown better. Because the street was in such rough condition, it was decided to put a top layer of asphalt on the section from 10th Street down. A “temporary fix” until the “real” work could start. What happened?

A proposal for a development of condos and commercial space was planned for the old bank building on Ludington and 6th and the building behind it (the one that is ready to collapse) and the houses next to it on 1st Avenue South. What happened to that?

What happened to the North Shore Development plan?

Thousands of dollars have been spent on proposals and consultants and what has come of it? The DDA did an “inventory of empty space” some time ago. I wonder how much that cost? I took a ride down Ludington the other day and did an inventory. It didn’t cost the taxpayers anything.”

Tom Grant