Let’s talk about wind turbines


My husband was born and raised in Cooks. We were married in 1974 and decided that Cooks was where we wanted to raise our family. It has been everything we expected. Everybody helping each other, even people you don’t know willing to help in a time of need. Then came “windmills” or wind turbines to be correct.

As I sat in the county meeting discussing windmill zoning, I saw the division develop, those for on one side and those against on the other side. The look of fear that you might upset your neighbor changed to anger as people on both sides stated their position. I would never have believed this could happen in Cooks.

The only way to stop this madness is to sit down together, face to face, and work it out. Let’s “not” believe government, big business, nor the Internet. Let’s take a year, form groups from both sides, go to wind farms, and get our own facts.

Everyone should work toward a one year moratorium, get the facts, and work out a way to save our community.

Jan Carley