America’s unhealthy problem


Over the past couple of months I have been listening to many people talk about the Affordable Care Act and what some have been saying couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve heard things in these conversations like “it is socialism” and “it will lead to this country’s fall.” As a Republican I can tell you with the utmost certainty that it is not socialism, nor will it lead to the downfall of the country but if the laws on health care do not change soon the United States of America will become the most inefficient country in this category.

In a 2013 ranking the site listed the top 48 countries with the most efficient health care. The United States didn’t even make the Top 10 list. They didn’t even make the Top 20 list. They didn’t even make the Top 40 list. They didn’t even make the top 45 list. They finally came in just above Brazil and Serbia at an unacceptable 46th spot. To put it into more understandable terms the United States is ranked so low because we spend so much money on health care but have the worst health outcomes. It is projected that by 2015 we will be spending over $9,000 on health care cost per capita, that’s over 50 percent more than any other country spends.

The problem of the system lies in the system itself, and the care being provided. The countries of the world that are very efficient in their care tend to have both public and private sectors of health care. Those who can afford better coverage opt to purchase private insurance, while those who cannot buy private insurance have an additional tax that pays for their publicly owned insurance. This system creates a supply that fits all the needs of its citizens and helps balance spending.

Along with the issues of the American health care system comes the issue of care. Today we have been made into what is known as a pill society. Need more sleep? There is a pill for that. Need to lose weight fast but don’t want to eat right and exercise? There is a pill for that. We believe that any health related issue can be resolved by ingesting some drug. This concept drives us to overspend when a cure can be found in an alternative medicine.

Alternative medicines have been shown to be effective as they are used in countries with the most efficient health care systems. For example, in Hong Kong before select companies start each work day all employees participate in 20 minutes of meditative yoga. America needs to jump on board with this idea, and employ alternative medicines like stress relieving rest, exercise, and diet to create a less costly healthier workforce.

In sum, I believe that the American health care system needs to restructured in order to cut inefficient costs and improve our well-being as a nation. We need to integrate a more efficient system, and utilize alternative medicines to prevent disease rather than just treat it. I believe America needs to change its traditional ways to improve health care because being ranked 46th on a list of 48th is just un-American.”

Alex DeHaan