Call the drain commissioner


“Re: “How water works in Delta County,” Bill Finlan, April 25, 2014. According to The Drain Code of 1956, Act 40, there should be no confusion regarding who a Delta County resident should call in times of flooding crises due to inadequate drainage: it’s the drain commissioner. That is why people are calling you, Mr. Finlan; because that is the job you were elected to do.

I think it’s terrible you are only being compensated $50 a year – but that is the salary you agreed to when you decided to run for office and shouldn’t be an excuse to not do the job. None of the duties you performed either last fall or this spring should have had to be “at your own expense,” either, since that very same state statute mandates you be reimbursed for any out of pockets expenses incurred while performing the aforementioned duties.

It also clearly states: “The commissioner shall have jurisdiction over all drains within his county, including those heretofore established and now in process of construction.” So, that you are ‘out of the picture’ is illegal, and easily rectified by reporting those being negligent in their roles to the proper authorities. I’m sure the state would love to hear of corruption going on in our beloved county, to the terrible detriment of its taxpaying citizens.

I would urge you, and all of our residents, to spend a few hours going over the Act I referenced. If this is not the way it is being done locally, then we need to stand up and do something about it. We have more power then we realize; being pushed aside and brushed off should not be acceptable when the fact of the matter is: all elected officials work for us, their salaries are paid by us, and we have every right to question their diligence.

So here is your choice – stand up for the rights of the citizens who elected you to office, or resign and let someone in who will.

Debbi Brown

Bark River