Wind project causing division


“The proposed industrial wind project in Schoolcraft County has caused a division between “participating” and “non-participating” landowners in the township where they have been proposed. These conflicts do not appear to be based solely on the differential economic impacts of these installations but are in large part due to project developers that reject the reasonable protection of non-participating citizens.

One of these tactics includes pushing inadequate turbine setbacks from property lines. Smaller average land parcel sizes and population density factors in Schoolcraft County are quite different than those in much of the Plains and Central States where property line setbacks for wind projects may not impact anyone!

The Schoolcraft County Commissioners must send a message based on the most recent scientific information and the actual experiences of citizens living by established industrial wind farms, that it strongly supports the adequate protection of all of its citizens by insisting that property line setbacks, noise limits, and turbine separation standards exceed the unsupported “minimum” standards by the wind industry.

We must never forget that an industrial wind turbine is not merely a child’s pinwheel slowly turning on a summer’s day, but is in fact a massive, expensive utility power generator that will have a huge impact on its surrounds for decades to come.”

Mary Rochefort