What’s the status of the power plant sale?


Dear Escanaba. Has your power plant been sold? Is the money in the bank? Just what is the status of the sale? Why aren’t these questions already answered just days before we are to vote to give permission to tear down the plant?

On April 11, we were told, in the Daily Press, that EGE was “Signing loan papers next Tuesday, April 15” Were they signed? Did I miss the headlines, “It’s sold”?

Ok, now there’s a ballot issue pending on May 6, “We’re going full guns towards selling the plant, but we want permission to tear it down if the sale fails”

I realize that a “yes” vote on that ballot would be useless if the plant were sold, a “no” vote would be just as useless.

I also realize that a “no” vote would probably result in another forced vote until it becomes “yes” because that is how this whole story started way back in 2009. Has it really been five years?

I’m not suggesting anybody vote either way at this point. What I am asking is for more information before I mark the box on May 6.”

Edward Stacey