Auto insurance too high in Michigan


It has been about a year since I wrote to Daily Press about the very high cost of auto insurance in Michigan. I even gave cost factors given to me from an auto insurance agency in Michigan.

We heard somewhat of a squawk that legislators would address this issue soon. So what is the time period I am asking our local representatives in Lansing – what is the hang-up?

Is the hang-up concerning others that those whose elected you in office. Please take an honest survey in your district giving information. For example, what do people pay in Wisconsin compared to what is required in our state.

Lowering auto insurance in Michigan will not only sale more but increase tax revenue for all taxpayers in our state.

Please tell us also really who side are you on – the few or the many. Yes, we are among highest cost for auto insurance in the nation are we not.

I am sure if there is any other cost factors that you have to please some group, you can figure out a means to please them and lower auto insurance cost.

Robert B. Carlson