Schools are our success


Winter takes its toll in many ways; tasks get put aside on gloomy days; letters to the press don’t get written, but come the new, May 1, we can resume our normal activities.

The community has experienced sadness and rejoicing. Sadness with the loss of such leaders as former area teacher/coach/leader (Jerry Cvengros) and rejoicing at hearing the recent EAPH Fine Arts Department presentation of the Choral Premier of “April,” sung by the Fine Arts Chorale. The audience was in awe as the past composer sat with them in the audience. Our own John Beck, accompanied by his wife, Kim Beck, directed the outstanding performance.

Working as a team, our Fine Arts Department has accomplished much, from band, orchestra, choral concerts and musicals, to classroom foundation work. How fortunate we are to see such dedication to the arts.

Our students and the community are the beneficiaries of much hard work, not to mention church choirs and chorale groups who benefit from such training.

The rather new tradition of presenting Letters and Pins to students is a great improvement in encouraging competition outside the realm of athletics.

The challenge now is to reach those students who excel in neither sports or fine arts, so that they can feel as tho they belong also. For some reason, some students are on the “fringe” and don’t feel as though they fit in. They need to be reached also, even with as much as a tap on the shoulder asking their help with something.

The ancient Greeks knew the value of keeping a balance between the arts and athletic achievement, as good for the soul and the body. Americans can be proud and thankful for the planning of the early administrators of our schools. They understood that education is the key and that every American child needed a good education to succeed and saw to it that the tools would be there for every child to attend and succeed. It is almost a sacred right for every child in America and has offered an avenue, sometimes the last avenue, to every child. A democracy with good schools is the key to success. Shortsighted attacks on our schools and the traditions are just that – shortsighted.

We have much to be thankful for in our community and our country. Our schools are our source of success and should be thought of as such. They are a great part of the heart of our community.

Mary Snyder

Ford River