Where is Jerry Cannon?


Has anyone seen Democrat Jerry Cannon? He is challenging Congressman Dan Benishek M.D in the 2014 midterm elections. Last January, Mr. Cannon did an interview with Garrett Neese, a reporter for the Daily Mining Gazette, to discuss his run for Congress. Mr. Neese recorded the interview, and followed up with Mr. Cannon the next day as he wanted him to discuss his position on Obamacare, which was not covered in the initial interview. According to Mr. Neese, the phone was answered by someone whose voice sounded very similar to Mr. Cannon’s. When Mr. Neese question Cannon with regard to his position on Obamacare responded, “I don’t like Obamacare. It’s been a disaster for me. I want to go back to the way it was before.”

An article reflecting Cannon’s Obamacare statements in the follow-up interview was later published by the Gazette. We now need to take in mind, that the National Democratic Party led by President Barack Obama and San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi supports Obamacare and Mr. Cannon stands to receive much of his funding for his campaign from Obama’s and Pelosi’s coffers. After this article was published, the Cannon campaign contacted the Daily Mining Gazette asking them to edit his Obamacare comment and further stated that it was actually not Jerry Cannon on the phone, but possibly an impostor or possible an evil, elusive twin. Regardless, they state that the anti-Obamacare comment was not true. It further appears that this devastating, anti-Obamcare comments reached the national Democrats and, for the first time, the Cannon campaign was on damage control within its own Democratic circle, putting at risk much needed campaign funding.

All of this happened in January, and still we are not certain if Jerry Cannon has an evil twin who answer his phone calls, or simply has a real problem with the truth. This might also explain why Jerry Cannon has fallen off the media radar screen and is now just as elusive as the impostor. We, the general public, are still confused regarding whether Jerry Cannon supports Obamacare – or just willing to say or do anything to get elected in November. Mr. Cannon has been labeled the “Loose Cannon” as a result of his confusing statements regarding Obamacare. What we do know is that the voters in Upper Michigan (1st District) deserve a clarification from the “Loose Cannon” stating his true position on Obamacare. It is highly unlikely that anyone has access to Mr. Cannon’s cell phone, or his campaign pressuring a local paper to edit his quotes.

Paul Walker