Remember When? Memorial Day in Manistique

Photos courtesy of Paul Walker


Schoolcraft Historical Society

Decoration Day is the former name of Memorial Day in the United States. Memorial Day began as “Decoration Day” in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War. It was a tradition initiated by General John A. Logan, leader for Northern Civil War Veterans. This picture was taken at the Manistique Emeralds Football Field dated 1949. Pictured to the right is the Manistique High School Band and Majorette Corps led by Mr. Giovannini “Mr. G” who taught history and band in the Manistique School district for 30 years. The Manistique City Band is pictured at left with all Military Color Guard. Speaking at the microphone is Reverend Sobel from the Presbyterian Church along with area clergy. Another interesting fact in the background (center) is a look-out tower that was manned by the Boy Scouts 24 hours a day. Their job was to look for enemy aircraft with binoculars for protection of the Sault Locks. Also, during World War II, the city of Manistique had black outs which meant there could be no light seen from the sky. Resident needed good curtains to keep lights contained within their respective homes. Also, Manistique Schools was one of the first schools in the U.P. That had lights on the field and could play football on Friday nights.