Upper Peninsula Honor Flight – May 14, 2014


Left Escanaba early Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m., and arrived at Reagan International Airport at 9:20. Seventy-seven Korean War vets and eight from World War II were greeted by a large crowd at the Reagan terminal. I can’t begin to tell you how great that was. It was something in our lifetimes we had never experienced or expected. People from the military were on present to shake our hands and to say thank you. We never shook so many hands. We were accompanied by medical personnel going and coming home.

All the war memorials and Washington, D.C., were included. This took place in the matter of one days time. Local meals were graciously provided in flight and very much appreciated.

Coming back to Escanaba was also very exciting. There must have been at least 1,500 well-wishers to greet us. What a surprise. More hands to shake.

None of this could of happened without Barb VanRooy and her crew of workers. She and the many women have spent many hours to put this project together. Many thanks and kudos.

Craig Woerpel took many pictures and interviewed some of the vets.

I’ll never forget this opportunity. P.S. Freedom Is Not Free.”

John Prokos