Racism has no place in NBA

The recent comments made by Donald Sterling, owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, pertaining to “black people” were disturbing and concerning – to say the least.

Fortunately, the league dealt with Sterling’s racist outburst in a very firm and timely manner by implementing a lifetime ban and forcing him to sell the team.

How can someone in his position be so ignorant to say such things? On second thought, how can someone in any position think, let alone verbalize, such things about other human beings?

It happens throughout our society at many different levels, and that needs to change.

When things of this nature involving people at such high levels happen, other things begin to surface. In this case, it was the news that Sterling was in line to receive a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP. What? How is that possible?

It’s called money – and lots of it.

Sterling is a billionaire who has a long track record of discrimination issues. But apparently, if you contribute to an organization that supports the very people you are discriminating against, it can more easily be overlooked and swept under the rug as long as those donations continue to roll in.

But it will never go away, and Sterling is a shining example of that.

Unfortunately, these same kind of issues can happen right here in Northwest Ottawa County. Unlike Sterling’s high-profile rant, which was splashed across the airwaves for weeks, we as a community don’t often hear about the racist comments, and nothing is done to resolve the problem.

As a community, we must do our part to keep unacceptable acts like this from happening, and do our part to be a more diverse and welcoming community.

– Grand Haven Tribune