If you volunteer, do it properly


“On Friday, May 9 at about 1:30 I went to Elmer’s Market to pick up a few things.

As I entered the store, there was a card table set up with poppies and a receptacle for donations. Behind the table was a male wearing a Legionnaire’s cap and talking on his cell phone. I grabbed a cart and stopped at the table. I selected a poppy and put a dollar in the container. He continued to talk on his cell phone and did not acknowledge me. Not even a simple “thank you.”

I am four-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and also a member of Legion Post 82 of Escanaba. I wonder how many other people this man snubbed while talking on his cell phone.

My opinion – if you you’re going to volunteer, do it properly, leave your cell phone at home or off.

Bob Johnson