Remember When?

Gene Watson Gallery

Rouman’s Candy Kitchen Baseball team of Gladstone won the U.P. Championship in 1931. Members of the team are: from left front, Ivan Upton (center-field), Raymond Jahnke (second base and shortstop), Francis Ducheny (pitcher and outfielder), Jim Rouman (shortstop), Lloyd Ackley (infielder), and George Mathison (out-fielder); in back, Ed Olson (pitcher and right-fielder), Clarence Skogquist (second base), Joe Weingartner (left-fielder), Arthur O’Brien (third base), Raymond Meeks (first base), Kirk Swan (catcher), and Tony Stambulich (official scorer). Scores of the tournament games played at Escanaba were: Munising 1 and Roumans 14; Indees of Gladstone 4 and Roumans 12; Necos of Escanaba 1 and Roumans 8; and K.C.’s of Escanaba 3 and Roumans 4.