Response from a volunteer


In response to if you volunteer do it properly.

Let us remember why we donate to a veteran’s organization and receive a poppy. Poppies are never sold you receive a poppy as a thank you for your donation. You should wear it proudly to show everyone that you support our veterans. The members of our service organizations spend countless hours of their personal time to volunteer and help our local veterans. The keyword here is volunteer. These people are not paid for anything they do. It’s done out of the goodness of their hearts and to the best of their ability. They never look for a thank. Normally they’re only thanks is knowing that they have helped another veteran – a comrade in arms.

I happen to know that veteran that you saw that day very well and I know that if you didn’t get a thank you or personal handshake, I’m sure he is remorseful. That veteran, a 20-year disabled combat veteran of two wars, Vietnam and the Gulf, is also dealing with a mother who has cancer with a slim prognosis and when she calls, family will always come first.

You see the veteran on that day was me.

Bernd D Ekdahl