Voters have a right to know Jerry Cannon’s position


Since Jerry Cannon is a candidate for Congress, every voter in the 1st Congressional District has a right to know what his position is on ObamaCare, which is going to consume one-seventh of the U.S. budget. Giving Cannon the benefit of the doubt, it is not my fault that he had two totally different positions on ObamaCare within 24 hours when he was interviewed by the Daily Mining Gazette. First, he was dead against it, saying that it was a complete debacle. The following day he claimed that someone other than him – his evil/twin impostor – made that statement and that he was actually in favor of ObamaCare. So, as a voter in this district, I have every right to ask Jerry Cannon which story are we to believe? In fact, every registered voter should question Cannon’s double talk.

As for Victor Hughson’s attempt to denigrate me and the questions that I raised in a previous letter-to-the-editor, it appears that Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat minions are planning on spending over a million dollars on the 1st Congressional race. Hughson has implied that the Koch brothers fund Congressman Benishek’s ads. Are we to believe that none of the Democrat monies would come from the Hollywood elites who want to ban our guns while turning out nothing but violent films for our youth, or the environmental wackos in Pelosi’s home district of San Francisco who want to end timber harvesting and mining, or from that world famous exploiter of national currencies, “Honest” George Soros?

Jerry Cannon earned the label of “Loose Cannon” with the double talk coming out of his own mouth, not mine. He, like General Shinseki who just resigned as the troubled, incompetent director of the VA, might be a very nice person, but that does not make him qualified to run for Congress nor to represent us, the citizens in the 1st Congressional District

Paul Walker