Who is opposed to wind power?


You can certainly tell who is against wind energy. First, they address the large wind turbines as “Industrial.” There is no such recognition in the renewable energy field that uses the connotation “industrial.” Second, they are always bringing up “who is getting paid.”

We were told the flicker would be a problem, then noise, then visual, now, it’s everything above.

Change is difficult for some. Everywhere you go in this country, you will see power lines and giant power lines, telephone lines, cell phone towers, radio towers, satellites, microwave towers, power plants, paper mills, generating stations, substations for gas, phone, electric, propane, there are mines, quarries, gravel pits, etc., these are all signs of progress. Do they litter the landscape? Yes. So tell me, is there any of these that we as a human race don’t use? No. With world coal and oil reserves being depleted in about 200 years, should we sit back and wait, or should we find a way now, to help our future generations? I choose to help now.

Wind energy is progress, just like solar. We have to explore new ways to produce the electricity we all want, if we don’t, we are just a selfish generation to leave our children with nothing.

Jean Anderson